Sacred Lotus unfolding


It is observed that the closer to accurate a model is, the closer to reality one's predictions become. Therefore a correct model allows us to speak predictively on behaviors and events.

So I am going to say this:

President Donald J Trump is a psychopath, a rapist, and a hateful person. He seeks his own benefit above all others. He would not let himself lose a fight if he had other options apparent to him, including wrongful options. This includes the presidential election.

And the GOP, having abandoned their party platform to favor a cult of personality, are openly complicit in enabling his misdeeds. If they do not disband entirely, or replace the majority of their leadership, they will attempt this again and not too long from now. After all, the GOP guiding principle of victory is "fight like aggressive chimpanzees and give no quarter".

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Sacred Lotus unfolding

A prayer for humanity

Great Keeper of humankind! Whose grace is infinite and whose nature encompasses all possibility for us who are human among the living and dead regardless of color creed form or way, Whose power is the infinite strength of mastery both natural and enhanced, Whose skills encompass every way possible among us, Whose memory is long-lasting and Whose knowledge is as great as anyone can encompass!

Grant us mercy in these days, in every color and way and ability. Grant us justice that we might have a strength unimpeachable in character. Grant us the wisdom necessary for wholeness, if it is in You to give this. Grant us also wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, You who know every similarity and difference within us all.

I ask this as a supplicant small among the masses, but with gifts waiting for good use. I ask this as one humbled and humiliated, faced with questions of insufficiency at all turns, whether social, financial, informational, spiritual, or any other way in me. I ask this knowing that mercy, justice, wisdom, and wholeness are in You and possible in me.

I ask You, Star among stars, knowing that humanity is but one way among many, one species in the vastness of reality. I ask You because I am here, and because I can.

Whether yes, no, or maybe, I ask that Your answer be clear and the way manifest, by signs and means clear to me. If You choose not to do this, then at least let me know that, and I will resign to not knowing, for wisdom is great in Your manifest wholeness, and as diety You have full access to knowledge no one mortal can know or bear.

This I pray before others, that they might be inspired in some way to some good thing.
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Sacred Lotus unfolding

She comes, and it is good

Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

Lady Simurgh pointed me to this article. This, plus optical computing, are key advances in AI. Optical memristor neurons are most likely to be the advance which makes strong AI available to the public, provided the hardware is connected and used that way. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.