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A channeled lesson on the Way that is good

So. I was minding my own business, as usual, and ended up being called to act as an example for a lesson held by The Diety Source. As reward, one thing was that I was allowed to write down the lesson (if not the details of examples that were involved) and keep this knowledge for my own use.

Herewith I have immediately posted it, now that the basic details have been delivered.


Blessed are they who...

1. Feed the hungry (the needful), for they will know peace (it is satisfied).

2. Seek wisdom and judge fairly, for they will hold authority.

3. Hold humility and pride lightly, for they will have self-control (others will find it hard to manipulate their ego).

4. Are faithful in love, for in their fulness (that is, with wholeness) they shall have the Kingdom of Heaven. (love in its whole form and its several [multiple] good [beneficial] ways; loving self and other, high and low)


Fulfill the needful.
Judge fairly.
Hold your ego lightly.
Be faithful in the whole love.

These are the keys of Heaven.

Document channeled 11:58pm on Tuesday, June 15th 2021. Voices channeled: 1. Simurgh, Key of Heaven. Designated voice of the primary source for these lessons. 2. Lord Azrael, Archangel of Death-speakers. Speaking in confirmation of them.

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Tags: channeling, my calling, teachings, tua'ei

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