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Channeling: Starseed species

So, Universe wishes me to channel this information tonight, after watching Zootopia with a couple of friendly gods riding along in my head to watch a human movie with me.

These are the sizes, names, and locations of seventeen species humans will learn of, including ourselves, once we enter the galactic community and look around for a while:

1. Aelf (Elf). 7 feet maximum, average 6 ft 3 in. Typically a solid but lean build. Scattered across the Pleiades and a few stop-in bases at the Horsehead Nebula (a well-known fuelling station is there collecting hydrogen gas and mineable dusts). Originally at/near the leftmost star in Orion's belt, star Ra, planet Aelfar or Alorya (depending on whom you ask), but evacuated shortly before a supernova's shockwave roasted their homeworld. Always looking for resources.

2. Dra'khan (Dragon). 8 ft 2 in maximum, average 6 ft 11 in. A sturdy, solid build, with wings (too small to fly, big enough to glide). Star Ra, planet Alorya. They are mammals, genetic constructs based on Aelven biology, recreations based on ancient descriptions of dragons from many worlds, using structures and genetic patterns from many different species to build something that works. Currently part of the Aelven Federation of Worlds, hoping to remain so; tribal group without representation in Federation government, but this could change soon.

3. Thrawn. 5 ft 11 in maximum, average 4 ft 11 in. An average build, can vary a lot. Scattered across the Lyran constellation region, on 4 worlds and 2 stellar fuelling stops. Two colony worlds and one farm world exist in the Pleiades.

4. He'nichi (Foxine). 5 ft 11 in maximum, average 4 ft 2 in. Solid build, can vary. In the Pleiades, planet Erra ("EE-rah" or "Era"). These are genetic constructs, formerly a slave people; their homeworld is the Pleiadeian Thrawn farm world. They are a combination of fox, Human, and Thrawn, the originals taken during the wars described in supposedly apocryphal ancient human texts and the depictions at several ancient sites including Puma Punktu (a forward supply base at the time which used artillery emplacements for defense). (Some readers may have heard of this name elsewhere; suffice to say some knowledge comes via spirit channels but may be used elsewhere. Always verify, I say.) Part of the Lyran/Thrawn Empire.

5. Hrral. 8 ft 1 in maximum, average 7 ft 5 in. Lithe build. These light-worlders live in the Pleiades, orbiting a neutron star, and are neighbors to Erra; they are feline in nature. These are the people most think of when they think of the movie "Avatar", but they are not Nuwa, nor do they live in large trees.

6. Arros. 6 ft maximum, 5 ft 4 in average. Heavy build. These are heavy-worlders from the Andromeda galaxy, from a star they call Arrakis; they came through the gate found in the Sirius binary star pair, and are thus called Sirians. They live primarily on two planets in this galaxy, near Sirius. They have no wings, but are otherwise as close to reptilian dragons as one gets in this galaxy.

7. Xabinar (Gryphons). 5 ft 6 in maximum, 4 ft 7 in maximum. Light build. These are people who were originally from Nihal, but lost their home to nuclear disaster. After a long period of living space-borne, they have found a home at the center star in Orion's belt.

8, 9, 10. Arastnane and Piristnane [the "s" is a "sh" sound] (Unicorns). Ju'rema are solid-bodied with horns on their noses, J'rai are medium-bodied with horns on their foreheads; both walk on all fours but can sit up to use their hands. Piristke are two-legged, with a single horn on the forehead. They come in many colors, and Piristke have visible stripes on their shaggy fur coats. Maximum height 6 ft 11 in (upright), 5 ft 3 in average (Arastnane), 4 ft 11 in average (Piristke). Star Loke (Loki), behind the visible star on the right side of Orion's belt. These people are the source of unicorn myths galaxy-wide.

11. Otyugh (or Krogan, thank you Mass Effect). These people suffered a nanite disaster combined with a cybernetic union gone wrong, which negatively reinforced each other. Originally conquered almost the whole top half of the Orion constellation! Two stars remain near the center of that region, all nanites believed to be destroyed. Rebuilding. They are six-fingered elephant-people who stand on two legs when grown and look like Krogan, strangely enough. Maximum height 5 ft 11 in, average 5 ft 3 in. Heavy build for heavy-world origin.

12. Human. Ourselves. Maximum height 6 ft 10 in, average 5 ft 11 in. Highly variable build. Star Sol.

13. Nuwa (Pvilan). Maximum 6 ft 11 in, average 6 ft even. Light to sturdy build. These four-armed, fur-bearing people were the spirit model for Wookies (a fictional people). They live in and around gigantic trees and in cliffside pueblos, though they now also build ground-based houses and cities. Star Pvilus A.

14. Remdar (Spican, Arcturan). Maximum 5 ft 11 in, average 5 ft 3 in. Light build. These are shark-people, two-legged with tails. Their spaceships are typically the mysterious "sand dollar" discs oft seen in fiction and UFO enthusiast descriptions; their ships can be sentient and independent, which is why the ships are better-known than the people. Left Spica after a genetic apocalypse, left Arcturus back to Spica after stellar expansion began in earnest. Recently made landfall after confirming their homeworld is again safe to tread upon.

15. Pangg'alin (Arcturan). Maximum 5 ft 10 in, average 5 ft 1 in. Heavy build. These are genetic constructs of the Remdar, from pet pangolins (similar to Earth's pangolins, right down to the chitinous scales on their backs). Originally bodyguards and sex slaves, they broke away in a fight for independence which left the Remdar people physically disabled and emotionally scarred for generations.

16. Phoenix (Mintak). The Phoenix people, also called Mintakans ("Mintak" is Remdar for "Children"), are genetically reformed Remdar who used to be a kept in fetal state as psychic resonators for long-range communications. Recent discoveries have allowed their bodies to mature, while diversifying them somewhat away from Remdar physical patterning. Sized equivalent to Remdar, or also half-height if not reformed.

17. Horses. These are Earth horses who will eventually be granted permission to be genetically altered for size, intelligence, and house-safety (no more horseapples on the floor). They will be used as navigators and helpers aboard human space ships, as well as housepets (if slightly large ones). Technology will become available which allows them to speak using brainwave interpreters, a technology that Aelves and Remdar (and their associated child species) possess already. Maximum height 4 ft 11 at the head, average 3 ft 10 in.

This last is a prediction. We'll see if it comes true within the next hundred years, eh?

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