one in a billion (siege) wrote,
one in a billion

This man is a prophet

You see, instead of disappearing, they hid in professions nobody would realize were anything but ordinary... but sometimes one manifests a truth that could only have been heard by the soul. This person has to have heard this song from spirit, because I heard it as well some weeks ago.

Lyrics are shown on-screen, though the interludes are filled with "alien" text. They are reprinted here:


Still and silent
Calm before the storm
Gold and diamond
Jewels behind the throne

Into the night
Out of the dark
Take to the sky
Chasing the stars

All that we said
All that we are
Waiting to fly
This is the start

Hide and seek
Reason and rhyme
Grand and glorious
Living the dream
Yours and mine

(Repeat chorus with choir)

Stone and feather
Move outside your head
Now or never
Strong in every step

Give me a sign
Hitting the mark
Take to the sky
Chasing the stars

Open your eyes
Watching afar
Waiting to fly
This is the start


(Repeat chorus, fade to end with flourish)

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Tags: dreaming, magic, music, spirits
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