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Myth: On the Substance of the Creation of Unicorns on Earth

There was a time when unicorns did not exist, before the days of Mankind. In that time were four gods, two of whom were male and one of whom was female. The fourth was without gender.

The non-gendered god said, "I will make of my spirit a place where all are welcome."

The male god who was of forests said, "I approve, and will join my realm to this one."

The male god who was of places unwild said, "Let that place be there; for the ordered lands are mine, and I cannot abide those who do not follow my law."

The woman nodded, and said, "I will be in all these places, and give them life."

So the realm of Faery was formed, where any are welcome, but all must stay who enter. And the gods were displeased, for they wished to have their own back with them.

The male god of unwild lands said, "Here is my key. With it we will vanquish the place where souls are Lost to us."

The woman turned from him, and said, "I will dance with the creatures of the wilding, and it will be my power to hide them. They will know no fear of you, though your people hunt forever."

The male god of forests hid. There in his hiding place, he performed secret workings.

When the non-gendered god returned, ze said, "I am here, and I will answer your concerns, for I see the look on your faces. Where is our friend?"

The man and woman said, "We do not know. He is in the forest, and will not come out."

The fourth nodded and looked sad. "I accept this. I will tell you now."

"When I made the place of Faery, I allowed all to enter; but within, I trap all who have evil in them, and bury them in secret places so they may be transformed into Light. Thereby is Faery made clean, and all evil in the world is removed from it."

The woman said, "And yet, you did not accept that all souls have both Light and Dark in them."

The fourth looked startled! "I didn't look! I must apologize and correct this! I do not mean to destroy souls." Ze went forthwith to change the working and release many who had entered believing they could traverse freely.

Then the forest god emerged and said, "Behold! I have completed my spell, and all who enter my realm may travel between any realm of Spirit without suffering -- even those who have entered the most gripping of traps and bindings!"

And the woman said, "But you must remember, we made agreements so that we would not devour each other and all that is."

And he looked chastened, and said, "Yes, Deer. I will correct this."

And the two men went to repair that spell.

When the god of Faery returned, only Woman was present.

"I have fixed the problem, Woman. Where are the men?"

"They went to drink in the woods and pretend to hunt. I am busy growing crops here next to the place Men will come."

And Faery smiled, and said, "I would like to help you! May I?"

The woman smiled and said, "I could use a reliable helper! But I must caution you, your untempered spirit may cause damage as well." So they made a gentle pact that had plenty of ways to not do things, and were happy working together.

Meanwhile the men were indeed drinking as they worked. And the man of forests said, "I would love to know how you keep her happy."

The man of unwilds said, "I don't. I let her be her own, and instead keep my law on a short leash. She is happy when it keeps her house clean, but doesn't eat her children."

And in laughing, the god of forests threw some clay into Faery. Not knowing that the realm would no longer hold all souls, but instead keep them connected to each other, he cursed and started shaping another.

The other man said, "Why don't you fetch that back? Non-gender said the land would change so not all souls are held!"

But Wildling said, "Nevermind that! If Faery wants it, Faery can keep it!" and continued making new clay.

So Faery later found a lump of the clay of life in a wooded portion of zer land, and in curiosity began to shape it.

Deer was kind, but also Horse. Yet, this creature was of the wilds, and would wish to fight.. hooves with sharp edges and teeth with strong jaws would not always do. Faery sighed.

"Men!" ze complained. "The wild and the unwild alike wish to drink themselves into dreams, and here is some of it! I can't think of what to do, there is all the wild and order in it mixed up, and not enough woman there."

So Faery, realizing that Woman was sufficiently wise, took it to her.

She laughed at the possibility, and said, "Make it live its own life. Let it be free where none are, that it may untrap all who are trapped. Let it be truly its own being, and we will have joy in its presence who are enslaved to suffering or tyranny. And let it have a spear of its own, for Men like sharp things, and wish for challenge."

Faery grinned, and said, "Clay! I give you life too, that you may know all the ways of going, coming, and being; and all the genders are in you, as well as both wildness and knowledge! Awaken and show me your shape!"

And the Lion of Law snapped its tail out from the clay, but the Deer of Woman and Forest made her face; and a spear grew from the clay's burden of wisdom and knowledge, out of the third eye. And then the clay began to change shape, forming not only hooves but hands and feet, and to stand before the two gods.

"Who am I?"

The woman said, "Law has made names out of my love of music. One-horn, you are unique among us, and I shall make you immortal in Love and Purity, that you may not be bound by evil and thus have free passage in all ways and places by my will as well as this one's."

And unicorn, the one-horn, was born.

Then turned to a beast and ran to the woods to look for her fathers.

Woman turned to Faery and asked, "Will this one be well?"

And Faery said, "All are well who are balanced and in motion. Unicorn is free as we desired. Let's see what it makes for us!"

And the men were terrorized into leaving their drink behind for the faeries and going home.

Thus is the tale of Unicorn's creation and the origin of Faery, home of wild things.

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