one in a billion (siege) wrote,
one in a billion

As Franklin Noted

Be safe, they admonish:
All it takes to end our nation
Is one wrong foreigner
In one wrong place!

Is it too much to ask,
I wonder, if the
Millions who long
For freedom can have it?

But where did it go?
I find it buried under
Economic slavery and
Political convenience

They ban compassion,
Valor, the knowing of truth
And the sharing of it:
Our minds are dulled

Surely we will be
Easily led where they will,
Faithful to our masters
Blind to iniquity

And it is only then
That one wrong person
In one wrong place
Can end our nation

Or save it
For another day.

(This poem was inspired by a comment by ysabetwordsmith: "Whenever you see someone banning compassionate or valorous behavior, well, that tells you what side they're on, doesn't it?")
Tags: my calling, poetry
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