one in a billion (siege) wrote,
one in a billion

Channeling for spring

Welcome to another edition of this semi-popular service! Teresa and I will be answering questions for you all weekend long, until noon Eastern time on Monday (and possibly after, if we're not too busy).

Anyone who asks may have one question answered by Teresa, and anyone who wants a draw from the Hero's Deck may have it. A donation of $5 or more allows you to ask another question of Teresa, if you wish it.

You are welcome to ask anything you like, so feel free. If you would prefer asking privately, it's all right to post anonymously or ask via PM.

I accept donations via PayPal (despite the problems they have, it's still the mainstream go-to service for micropayments), but if you'd like to offer via other means, please feel free to contact me to discuss it. Thank you!

Prior channeling sessions
Prior Hero's Deck posts

(EDIT, Sun 4:30pm: If you donate, and it isn't clear from your Paypal info which LJ account you have, I don't know to whom I should offer the bonus questions. Please, let me know if you've donated!)

Federal law doesn't believe in psychics (though many politicians do), so I am required to say that this is for entertainment purposes only. If you need legal or medical advice, please see the relevant professional; I am not licensed by the government for such services. All that said, if you wish to ask about a situation, any subject is open for discussion as I mentioned above. May blessings and healing love be with you.
Tags: channeling, hero's deck

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