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Soul origins, reiterated

So, over the past few months, I've been gaining information on the age and origins of my soul beyond merely 'draconic' and 'ancient as reckoned by gods'.

Now today, I feel compelled to search out this website and its articles on "starseeds", and what do you know? I match two of the origins described.. but they aren't dra'khan (which is yet another origin, older, and more important to me in some ways), and they aren't as old as I remember elsewhere.

When I think of them, I think of armored, crab-like things... that was actually a form of power armor. There are three primary sapient species, though two are more often in contact with each other.

I missed the General Ascension. By like three days, local time. I've spent lifetimes darkened over it and planning how to achieve something like it elsewhere. Sort of a "Must Make Happen" thing -- you don't miss an Ascension if you can help it. Earth, where creativity is a general soul purpose (the Universe loves us deeply in part because we on Earth are so very creative, expressing all the possible patterns we have available to us in "very interesting ways"), made a good grounds for personal advancement, an advancement which left little or no time for me to rest between incarnations. Which explains why I have only hints of time spent non-incarnate when I comb the information I have available.

Much of my life this time around reflects this pattern, particularly the "never quite on time for anything" bits. I seem to be manifesting a lot of my personal damage, but fortunately it's correctable once the actual source and healing process are identified. It also helps that right now, very little in my life is intensely schedule-dependent. This is actually more of a benefit than it appears, because the problem has not been timeliness, but rather, distraction from my true purposes. With fewer distractions and fewer time-linked events in my life, I can focus on healing and returning to my true path on all levels of spirit and soul.

Apparently, many dragons spent time on Arcturus, resting and learning Ascension techniques. Then Earth became available, and we moved here for further growth and experience gathering.

The other? Spicans.
The odd bit is that I am entirely comfortable around technology and the energies which it emits, but this may be an artifact of being an Arcturan artificer (and of using specific spiritual constructs to compensate for my sensitivities).

Spicans are/were, I am told, "one of the ideal groups for teaching dragons how to live". Because of this manifest tranquility of spirit, their energies are patterned gently but powerfully in the shape of their true natures, whatever those may be. Each Spican is individual in being, and has chosen a True Shape, even if they are unconscious of it. Mine is, of course, Dra'khan.

Note that no Spican can be manipulated through use of this knowledge. Rather, it is a means of manifesting materially and physically when necessary with an image which is comfortable for others to process. Spicans may occasionally choose a different True Shape which reflects their growth as persons, individuals, and spirits. (This trio of words is exactly how this concept was expressed to me.)

So if you are Acturan, and you see a horse-like shape nearby? Probably a dragon, as our heads (as I remember it and see it) were generally horse-like in shape; unless the entity actually can be identified as an equine, or you have a close association with horses. (Who didn't in certain periods of history, right?) Some people can easily tell the difference; primarily in the long ears. Draconic ears are elongated, and "fuzzy". Some see feathers or fluff, but I see hair, like a fuzzy dog might have. As with all draconic hair, there is a distribution of stiffer spines (not very erectile on the ears, unlike along the spine, as there is much less muscle in the ear) and at least two tones of color in patterns of various kinds.

And if you're Spican? I want to meet you and talk. Earth is ready for us. Right now.

By the way, I helped work to bring the Nihals here. The absolute force of "speaking Truth to authority" is necessary at this time in order to break the damaged patterns in which humanity has been trapping itself. Also, they bring with them the spirits of Children of the Universe becoming mature: they are the powerful, godlike children whose whole being is about awareness of What Is -- and soon, What Can Be Done With It. This is why I reflect these patterns and energies, though I am not a spirit who spent much time in their home region.
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