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Introduction to dragons as I know them

So you've found this place, and don't know what it's about. You're wondering what's what.

I'm Zeeth Kyrah. I'm psychic, and Otherkin. I'm a dragon. And I am studying dragons.

First, you have to understand the concept of received information. As a psychic, not everything that enters my head is based on concepts I already know. Some of it is received from elsewhere: from spirits, gods, and repository consciousnesses (such as the Akashic repository). I allow the substance of my imagination to speak in words and to present images that are not under my own control, while also keeping careful watch that only good and loving entities have contact. I also refine this information, comparing what is received with what I already know (and events which later occur, in the case of predictions); and those who provide bad information have their influence reduced or removed.

Next, you have to understand something about astronomy and planetology, especially as applies to received information. Some psychics have received information about other worlds, such as the layout of islands and continents, and various "End of the World" scenarios. Because these psychics gave no thought to whether this information could apply to something other than themselves and the world around them, they did not discern that it was all about worlds other than Earth. I apply my discernment, seeking to understand not only what I have received, but from whom, and where and when this information applies.

Dragons as I know them do not have the body structures or sizes of most pictures you'll see. The wing structures are different. They do not grow as big as houses. They do not breathe fire, nor have gates to Hell in their bellies, nor any such thing as a chemical weapon in their bodies.

But some of the creatures from their world did. Not the "gates to Hell" thing, from which the flaming breath arrives. That's a religious attachment based on the observation that some spirits seem to eat anything, particularly darkened spirits with damaged bellies -- that is, ghosts or demons with injuries to their digestive functions or their belly chakras.

But if you ask a dragon spirit about the creatures of their home world, they can tell you of the giants, the terrors, the lumbering creatures... and not just large things, but small and Person-sized as well. Of the deadly living spikes that leapt from holes and were used like landmines. Of the beautiful and humorous displays of certain birdlike creatures. Of the markings and shape of things. Of the trees that could get up and walk to better land. Of the moving plants, the creeping things, the tall and mighty mountains and temples...

Of a world where dragons had their origin, as Speaking Peoples, one of several kinds.

Of a world orbiting a red giant, and, if the dragon is able, of the death of our star. Of Helan collapsing, the solar circle going black, the sky turning to night during the day... and the end of everything in a burst as loud as the Big Bang might have been, so loud that it could not be heard, only felt as the tearing of one's body to quarks, and the snatching away of the soul to safety.

Some of us saw that day in the flesh.

That's what I remember of dragons.

So now I spend time recalling and receiving information about that lost world, about one particular language ("early cities"-period North-continent middle plains), and about the creatures and peoples who lived there. About their cultures and behavior. About anatomy and biochemistry. About physics as it was understood, and alchemical and magical knowledge.

And I share it here.
Tags: d. culture, d. language, dragons

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