one in a billion (siege) wrote,
one in a billion

Someone's leaving

So I had a dream this past night, where someone's luggage was being moved out of a house. And I had this big cargo dolly that I was going to use to do something. And then before I could, I was turned away and had to carry the dolly back.

Someone's leaving my family soon. The only one I can think of... is a cat.

By the way, Sekhmet also sometimes appears as a cougar... just in case someone reading this has been having dreams of a cougar trying to talk to them.

ETA: 2pm - The dream did involve heavy rain. As a dream sign, the common meaning of storms (particularly rain) is death. So it's not an evacuation or moving house, an actual death is indicated. So I suppose it's another "wait and see" situation.

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Tags: dreaming, spirits, tua'ei
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