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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
4:08 am
Poetry: At Trumpet, Victory?
When at last the music calls,
My heart ceases,
My body falls,
I shall then have but one last cry:
Was it victory?

For in my hunt to gain the Truth
Attain my Self,
Reveal past Youth and Age
The face that should have been,
Did I myself destroy?

Or will I find that
At last t'was done
And all was well;
That tale thus spun
Told what was, and not
What only would have been?

I wait to see.

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
11:15 pm
The four types of dragon
* Dinosaur (particularly carnivorous types) - from Earth. Uncommon but well-known. Egg-laying, (mostly) meat-eating, mostly aggressive, and mostly territorial. Known in many cases to have feathers, scales, and forelimb wings; has a "tail body" (hindquarters neural cluster) but no chakra for it. The least interested in Earthly wealth, the most in "shinies". One of the two primary "reptilian" aliens. Most well-known, includes "feathered dragons" and similar creatures, as well as "terror beasts". Being of Earth, they have little or no interest in hiding themselves in any way, and are often the most free in discussing their Otherkin nature when incarnate.

* Dra'khan - from the star which formed the stellar gas void called the Local Bubble, and distributed across the Milky Way galaxy. Carry fetuses to term, live birth. Omnivorous despite carnivorous dentation, social and communal, prone to wandering in early adulthood. Smooth skin, fur and hairy mane, bat-like wings on their backs; color-changing spots on face below their eyes, an internal eye in the skull (literal third eye), and tail body with chakra. The most interested in wisdom, the least in material possessions (though this may change due to recent developments elsewhere); the most like humans emotionally. The primary protectors of culture and wisdom on Earth. Most Dra'khan are shape-shifters who have had many other forms and incarnations (at least five).

* Sirian - from Akh-Nazhdur (the Lesser Magellanic Cloud), entered the Milky Way through the Gate at Sirius Alpha/Beta. Egg-laying, omnivorous, emotionally distant, highly capitalistic. Four eyes, leathery skin with scaly regions, reptilian visage, known to worship leather-winged angels and gods. The most interested in Earthly wealth, the least in emotional connection. One of the two primary "reptilian" aliens. The most well-known of draconic types, Sirians are possessive and hierarchical regarding power and wealth. Most Sirians wear masks to hide their true nature and prevent human spirits from assaulting them.

* Arcturan - from the star Arcturus. Carry eggs to term, live birth (shark-like). Highly communal but also socially divided, omnivorous, prone to oversharing, known for facial whiskers/barbels. Not strongly religious, but may develop affiliation or affection for a particular philosophy. The most interested in daily life, the least in claiming territory. The least well-known of draconic types, Arcturans are more interested in scientific advancement and cultural phenomena than in hoarding and personal power. Most Arcturans are uninterested in hiding, but will cover themselves to avoid unwanted notice.

* Note on wyvern - Wyverns *are* in fact dragons, but only if dinosaurs count. "Wyvern" is the name given to dragons with forelimb wings and no back-mounted wings. That means that most winged dinosaurs count as wyverns.

Creatures occasionally mistaken for dragon:

* Peryton - an antlered, often winged, great deer. Sirian in origin, the peryton is the "questing beast" by which these people prefer to prove their hunting prowess. Also the origin of the Arthurian Questing Beast in Britain and northern France -- in this case, a peryton in "nightmare" form due to severe spirit-body injury. Some perytons are depicted as bipedal with forelimb wings, but the original was/is quadrupedal.

* Chimaera - The original Chimaera (pronounced "ki-MEHR-ah") was a god of Phoenicia, a Mediterranean island nation conquered by the Greeks. His porfolio included dreams, shapeshifting, and life-path guidance. Like Medusa, the goddess of beauty whose oracles handled snakes (in many cultures thought to bear wisdom) and wore masks to frighten evil spirits, his cult was silenced and his likeness was turned into a monster instead of a beautiful human who could take on several forms.

* Hydra and basilisk - The hydra and the basilisk are actually giant serpents, in their original form. The Lernaean hydra originated from the Amphisbaena, the two-headed snake served by the oracle of Hermes, merely boosted to monstrous aspect. Hydras are often depicted as if they were dinosaurs with multiple heads due to the legend of Hercules; however, the hydra is the same creature as the basilisk, merely from different cultures! The Harry Potter stories and movies got this one right. Typically a basilisk (and thus a hydra if it's not merely a giant lizard or snake) is said to have poisonous breath and/or bite, a gaze that can turn the unwary to stone (or rather, petrify with fear!) if one's will is not strong enough, and fangs that can pierce the strongest bronze shields and armor. This legend originated, oddly enough, with Komodo dragons, the Earthly lizards with a septic bite strong enough to kill a large animal in a day.

* Manticore - The manticore (or mantegor, for Romans) is a Pvilan beast with the face of a man, the strength of a lion, the mane of a wolf, and a stinging tail (not originally a scorpion tail -- that was added after the myth met the desert). This beast was known across the Equatorial region of Earth, by many cultures. Gryphons honored its symbolism of strength unyielding, as the original Xabiphon culture gives honor to those who remain unconquered in war. The "tail" is actually a lash or whip with steel claws (traditionally forge steel) for extra damage; in the original Pvilan, the word for whip translates as "tail" or "cord" depending on which of three languages is used.

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10:55 pm
An internet connection

(Gabby's dad Mark streams video as Wyld on Twitch.tv, and I watch him play Minecraft and other games all the time. This video is awesome, and a true story for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people online.)

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9:55 pm
Who I truly am
I think it's time I wrote about this. It's going to shock a lot of people, annoy a few, and disappoint some. And as usual, it's going to alienate family who want to believe I'm merely insane.

Let's introduce the primary characters in this play.

I am Anyüs (AHN-yoos), a unicorn. My soul-name means "Of Dream" or "Of Vision". In spirit I am known as a child of dreams who in maturity is a psychologist and a powerful soldier of my people. I am often sent forth as a herald for J'rai, the lithe and gracile unicorns -- horn on forehead -- of our homeworld Araştke (ah-RAHSHT-kah), "Little Ribbon" or "Little Wrap-Around". The solid and robust unicorns -- horn on snout -- are called Ju'rema (joo-REE-mah), and I am known by another name to them (one which will be relevant to a whole other life). I am the spirit or soul who is rightfully incarnate in this person, whose given name starts with "Z".

Verastes the Maker is a dra'khan known for his abilities with technology, making, and creation. He is extremely well-known in the spirit realms of this world and many others, and his is the soul whom I once described as being "older than this universe". He was to be my muse and guide to technology, business, and social niceties in the software and games industries.

There is a chthonic spirit whose name is the sound of bubbling mud and blowing wind in the trees of Earth. It has wanted to punish humankind for excessive growth and the destruction of wilderness for some time. That chthon took on the role of an urge, the lowest form of devil. Urges, as their name implies, provoke unwanted emotion or behavior. It certainly did, for the entire time it possessed my body.

So with these players described, let us set the scene:

Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2015
10:10 pm
Fishbowl day!
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is having a fishbowl today, with a theme of "anything goes" -- Feed the fish on DW and here's the fishbowl on LJ.

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
10:16 pm
Poetry fishbowl at Ysabet's today
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is having her Poetry Fishbowl today, on the theme of "the end of the world as we know it". Find the fishbowl at both DreamWidth and LiveJournal. New prompters and new donators get benefits like an extra poem posted!

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Monday, July 6th, 2015
11:17 am
Poetry: And Whispers In The Dark
T'ema's adventure continues!

This is the epic completion of the triptych started with "Beyond All Terror and continuing in "Lies Its Memory. As usual it is being written mostly off the cuff, using poetic structure to help me get the story out where prose is more difficult.

Content warning: This poem has a stalking hero and a moderately violent confrontation in it. Be mindful of your headspace when reading it.

The day was cool but spring was coming,
And T'ema was ready for it.
She had been through a month of winter
And had little idea what was next.
The spirits told her these changes were normal,
Yet she hardly believed it.

Her oath nudged at her,
And she finished her breakfast quickly.
The paperwork to be finished took
Almost an hour, and then she was free.
Free to hunt, she thought.

T"ema corrected herself.Collapse )

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
8:25 pm
A myth of creation from Arashtke
When there was dark and only dark, there was nothing.

Then Auros (Ultimate, the One Soul, who has no gender) spoke, and light arose. In that light formed a dark thing, and it was a world. The world was a ribbon and on that ribbon walked people. All from a single word of Auros, whose power is above our own.

Auros shook itself, and tore in nine: Eight gods of truth, and one of leadership.

These then named themselves after their roles.
Pattern, Nature, Light, Dark, Healing, Honesty, Love, Purity.

These names persisted, watching the people walk and play. Then the people suffered, and cried loudly. The gods looked on them, and saw language forming.

With language, then there were People. And Truth nodded, writing it down.
Purity came to them, and they were cleansed of their suffering. So they swore forever to be pure. Of course they fell immediately. Love came and helped them back to their feet, and walked with them.

Then came a Dream, a child of Light who spoke nothing at all.

Nature took her in, and the world began to flourish, for Dream is also Growth.
Pattern taught her, and Dream became Understanding.
Dark opened her cloak, and Dream saw Truth beneath it.
Honesty smiled, and Dream told him Prophecy.
Then Healing came, and Dream sat at his feet and learned Medicine.

Dream grew older, and Love tried to pair with her. She smiled and danced with him, but nothing happened. Dream was already full in love.

Purity came to Dream, and Dream became woman.

Then Dream came to Love and they made love together.

Power watched, knowing the whole reason Dream existed.

Eventually, Dream came to Power and asked, "What will you teach me?"

Power said, "Yourself."

And the People began to Dream.

This is the tale of the gods of J'rai as they once were known.

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Monday, June 15th, 2015
11:26 am
Another's dreams
I hate having to live someone else's life.

Figuring my life out was hard enough the first time. Having to do it again halfway through is worse.

And yes, that's Cracked, the magazine that was every pre-teen's school-age MAD Magazine wannabe. These days, it's the humorists who are telling the truth.

Sacred clowns, everywhere I look. If only they had been listened to.

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Sunday, May 17th, 2015
11:46 pm
11:00 pm
Read about quiet rooms
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has a post about quiet rooms as found in her superheroes setting of Terremagne. Honestly, quiet rooms are a good thing and I'd love to see more of them (as well as first aid stations) in more areas around this world.

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Friday, May 15th, 2015
9:30 pm
On magical beings
Okay, I am absolutely convinced that Janelle Monae is a unicorn Otherkin. The absolute perfection of motion, the insistence on magic and fantastical realism in her videos, the themes... and then the limber shape of her. J'rai tend to be thin and feel extremely tall for a human (original species form averages 8 feet, or 2.4 meters, tall). Ju'rema tend to be solid/hefty and be both tall and large for a human (big-boned, large body/limb ratio, often over 6 feet). Both types, when comfortable with their bodies, have immense power in the use of the physical form.

And unicorns are definitively magical beings. Just watching her, watching the laws of physics seem to bend when she dances (nevermind the tricks of camera and editing!) suggests either perfect study or some sort of enhanced ability. Either way, the effect is hypnotically magical. Spirit confirmation is a bonus, but I hardly need it here.

Regardless of identity, she's worth a watch. Jaw-droppingly awesome.

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
9:49 pm
On power
"It is the softest touch that shall move mountains, produce peace, and create the mightiest of powers. Only strength in discipline can be gentle, for only then have we the ability to hold ourselves in check."

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Monday, April 20th, 2015
11:27 pm
On my soul as of this decade
They say it's impossible for a soul to die.
But it's entirely possible for a soul to be damaged,
And to be devoured,
And to be grafted.

It's possible that souls don't die,
But are merely forgotten.
But by whom?

Does it matter, then?
Souls die.

I'd rather not, thanks.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
9:16 pm
A truth as I know it

Epona, for nearly forty years, has been calling across all space and time for an oracle.
She expected an oracle of words to men, a priest, a speaker for the gods to orate and declaim, to narrate and decry, to TELL people who she is and what she means. She expected a speaker to speak.

She didn't expect a dreamer to give them dreams so close to reality that they transformed the world by wanting to hear. Instead of forcing the world of men to listen, they would have been asked to manifest a common desire: to be people in the eyes and minds of others. And in doing so, would have become People to all.

It's not a big change she wanted. She just wanted others to know her.

She expected an outward announcement, not an inner calling.

She forgot what games are for.

So my life went backward every time I began to go where I was meant to go, because my feet were turned backward every time I began to Awaken as a soul.

Having an angry god trying to destroy me to get free of his destiny didn't help at all. And that was the primary concern. But with some gods, everything is bigger...

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8:20 pm
Premature the bud formed and was torn
Aching, drawn, forced to soldiery
Only when the soldier stood alone
Did All see that it fought to be
A Child again

And then they drove at it
Beating with fists and thought
Weapons of fire and anger
Weapons of fear and horror
Weapons of death --
And it mastered them all,
For it had learned well from its birthing

When they came in peace,
Nothing stood against them.
When they came in war,
Nothing could keep them alive.
The conquest was total.

I stand alone.

It is lonely here.

Will you come at me?
Or with me?

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Friday, April 3rd, 2015
9:49 pm
Poetry/song: Acid
(Finally finished this one, which I'd had hanging fire for almost twenty years now.)

In acid I have burned
In acid I have died
In acid I was ended
Acid I have cried

In fire I was pure
In fire I was light
In fire I was broken
Fire's light has died

They took me to Earth
Gave me a life
Took it away
Buried me well
Shamed me forever

But above it I rise
Fire and dark
Acid it turns
To light in my eyes

I must fly!

Dark is my spirit
And shadowed my soul
But darkness is living
And truth must be whole

Poison my heart
And I will fly
Bury me deep
And I will fly
Kill me dead
And I will fly
Take my wings
And I will fly

To the stars I belong
And I must rise
No weight can hold,
No prison's wall
I am acid, fire, and light

In your dark I rise
And when you split the light
See every color shine...

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
2:38 am
Fiction: Character brief for T'ema
T'ema Huollo (Huollo ma T'ema) - T'ema is a medium-tall unicorn woman, rather like a humanoid ki-rin, with aspen-leaf ears and a five-inch horn with a slight upward curve (and no spiral) on her forehead. She disguises herself with illusion, taking on a new visage in each new city she visits, hiding her non-human features beneath it or with invisibility. Her actual short fur coat changes color over time as a side effect of her magic (always a color appropriate to horses or humans). She has a fluffy mane of hair which changes color to complement her coat. Her name means "Singer of Songs".

Origin: T'ema is a highly trained magician, able to draw on energetic resonance in order to empower her will. This magic can affect anything which resonates in matter, energy, and/or spirit. She can use illusions, heal, sense or communicate at large distances, and channel large amounts of energy due to her mastery of the form. Unfortunately, it has a drawback: when she uses her power, she must perform a service to balance her use of it. Usually that service is small, such as a gift or act of care, and only required when she uses magic for her personal benefit; sometimes that cost is large, such as leaving her home for a time to aid someone in dire need. She was transported from her world to Earth after one particularly large use of magic; she hasn't said yet on camera why she did it, and she isn't quite sure why this world needed her more than her own.

After becoming homeless in the transition to Earth, T'ema is growing homesick for her house and homeworld. Still, she has a lot of personal coping skills, and her magic empowers her body to be somewhat stronger and more resilient in general.

As side effects of past magical costs not paid, T'ema's fur coat shifts color over time, and in her natural form she has a moderately fascinating aura. While sometimes useful, she regards these as more of a curse since she'd like to be known for herself but not stared at or stalked. Being an alien makes it worse, as she is still learning how to read and use human facial and body expressions, and she can sometimes make mistakes; judging someone's intention is for her more about reading the energies of that person.

T'ema was magically taught English when she was teleported, and speaks a smattering of languages both modern and ancient from her homeworld. She has an excellent singing voice, and occasionally earns money by busking or as gifts from people courting her talents. She hasn't performed for any professional recordings, however. She has an exotic-sounding accent which many humans mistake for somewhere in Asia.

Uniform: None. She wears street clothes, but she tries to dress nicely so it's hard to tell. T'ema at home usually carries a satchel with herbs and ritual tools, but those were all left behind her; replacing them may help with her magic.

Qualities: Expert (+4) Singer, Good (+2) Craftwork, Good (+2) Resilience, Average (+0) Herbalism, Average (+0) Shamanism
Poor (-2) Homeless

Powers: Meta-power: Master (+6) Resonance Magic
* Illusion (includes illusory invisibility; fools cameras but can be penetrated with focused perception)
* Healing/Purification (essentially purifies the form when used to heal; can restore but not regenerate detached limbs; healing the mind and spirit is doable if more difficult, but counseling is often more effective due to the magical cost)
* Energy senses (T'ema has a passive ability from her training which allows for communicating with spirits and sensing various energies both spiritual and mundane, but it can be extended with magic to sense from a distance)
Vulnerability: Backlash Cost: Magic for self-benefit costs service. If it isn't paid, a magical backlash occurs, commensurate with the level of power used.

Motivation: Earn my way home.

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015
12:32 am
Music post: All the Little Lights, Starlight

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Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
7:51 pm
Things I am learning
1. My spirit was abused by spirits early in life, continuing for all but the last few hours.

2. I am a unicorn, who was wrapped in a dragon, who was wrapped in a giant enigma, who was caught in a conspiracy of Spirit to keep humankind alive at the Will of the Universe. I am finally fully unwrapped, but I am not yet fully revealed.

3. I am a unicorn. Everything else is illusion.

4. We are not horses. We're more like deer. We are not deer.

5. Wow I have been fighting hard to get away from dominant people.

6. I might not need to. I AM a dominant person...

7. I hate myself. And you can't help if you don't respect me.

8. I have the power to stop hurting.

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